Meet the new
Bishop of Oxford
The Right Reverend
Dr Steven Croft

During the meeting Bishop Steven will be sharing his vision for Oxford Diocese and sharing in a time of open questions
Thursday 13th July 7:30pm St Edburg’s Church Bicester

The Forum

The Bronte Sisters By Grace Williams
The Reading Room, Upper Heyford OX25 5LG
Tuesday 8th August 7:30-9:30 pm


Mission Rescue is based on how God rescued his people from slavery in Egypt. As Agents, the children will explore the Bible stories and have a chance to engage in missions, crack codes, invent secret languages, make disguises and deliver messages. Don’t miss the fun! Contact the Benefice Office for more information or to join the team as a volunteer
The Chapel, Heyford Park
Mon7th - Fri 11th and Sunday 13th August  


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